What's in a Dream?

Focus. Commitment. Patience.

Yoga is a practice that requires all those things. You focus your intentions and spend countless hours on your mat, inching toward your goals one day at a time. Your mat is your home, the one place where all of this takes place... and mine was a boring, one-color piece of rubber. 

Chances are yours is too. Let me guess, purple? green? Maybe you went out there and got one with a flower pattern. Fancy.

I am professional photographer. I am a very visual person, I like beautiful images, and I felt my mat was missing that quality that would make it feel special---Inspiring! A place I wanted to go to.

Dream Yoga started with the dream to make the best yoga mat in the world, one that checked all the little things I felt were missing: Beautiful, sweat-resistant, sturdy, easy to clean... and that it also came with a strap to carry it, because why on earth would a mat come without one?

With those goals in mind, I went on a journey to try to make that dream a reality.

Focus. Commitment. Patience.

It's my hope you love your new Dream Yoga Mat,

David Alpuche - Dream Yoga.